Pre-Construction Services

A.  Design Development

  1. Assist client and its architect/engineer in preparing design drawings.
  2. Work with client, architect, and contractors in preparing budget estimates and costs.
  3. Review engineering requirements with client to ensure all project and building requirements are met.
  4. Participate in meetings held by clients architect/engineer with city officials to ensure code compliance.

B.  Construction Documents

  1. Assist Architect and engineers in preparation of construction documents to meet established budget and design constraints.  Offer comments/suggestions as required.
  2. Review architectural documents with client to insure compliance with project requirements, both quality and cost.
  3. Review final engineering drawings with client to ensure that new mechanical and electrical systems are compatible with project and building engineers requirements.
  4. Finalize budget estimates with client and architect.
  5. Prepare bidding and construction schedule with client and architect.