Construction Services


A.  Bidding Process

  1. Compile list of at least (2) two approved and selected subcontractors in each trade to solicit bids from and review with client and architect.
  2. Assemble and distribute bid packages including drawings, specifications, site regulations and bid forms.
  3. Conduct pre-bid meeting with architect, engineer and contractors if required.
  4. Review bids and prepare a summary spreadsheet of final cost for a review meeting with client.
  5. Recommend value engineering items if necessary to meet budge constraints.
  6. Review construction schedule with client.

B. Administration of Construction Documents

  1. Review contract documents with successful subcontractors, secure Certificates of Insurance and Payment and Performance bonds if required.
  2. Submit for all building permits and applications for Notice to Owner.
  3. Conduct job meetings with client and architect as required.
  4. Review subcontractor applications for payment to ensure percent of completion is consistent and lien release requirements are met.
  5. Provide on site management to aggressively manage construction schedule.
  6. Provide on site management to aggressively manage the work in place to ensure contract documents and quality standards are consistent with project requirements.
  7. Provide on site management to help coordinate delivery and installation of Telecommunication, Furniture, and Equipment with construction activities.
  8. Assist client and architect in conducting punch-list walk through and establishing date of substantial completion.